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Spirited Israeli Startup, Negave Estates, Revolutionizes Distilled Agave Market: Secures First Funding, Unveils Ace Team

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August 14, 2023, 12:00 GMT

Blue Agave in Negev Desert, Israel

Dream team of top tequila experts from around the globe is assembled to launch a premium agave spirit hand-crafted in Israel’s Negev Desert

Guided by the support and enthusiasm of our founders, we’ve procured the necessary resources and cultivated the quintessential Mexican Agave plant. Our inaugural bottles will grace the market in 2024”

— David Niewood

TEL AVIV, NEGEV DESERT, ISRAEL, August 14, 2023 an enterprising Israeli start-up has meticulously assembled the essential components to build a world-class spirits endeavor. The visionary project has united a consortium of top-tier professionals across fields such as soil science, agave cultivation, tequila production, and distillation. Notably, Negave Estates has successfully acquired the exclusive Agave propagative materials necessary to authentically grow Agave in the Negev, marking a pivotal milestone in the creation of Negave, the premier Israeli Agave Spirit.

The unwavering passion of six close friends, bound by an ardent appreciation for exquisite tequila and a profound connection to both Israel and the Negev Desert, has catalyzed this audacious venture. Negave Estates is the brainchild of David Niewood, a successful Wall Street professional and CEO, alongside S. Fitzgerald Haney, former US ambassador to Costa Rica, and Yitzhak Carmy, a distinguished Israeli agriculturalist. The founding ensemble is further enriched by the expertise of Amanda Parness, a private equity professional, and innovative entrepreneur, William Kuluva, and David Polinsky, an esteemed legal and financial public company executive.

David Niewood said, ”Negave Estates represents the realization of a dream rooted in an enduring love for Israel, an admiration for the Negev’s splendor, and a penchant for extraordinary tequila.” Niewood’s journey back to Israel through ‘Aliya’ at the age of twenty-two underscores the deep resonance of this project.

The Negev, with Its abundant attributes, is an optimal terrain for nurturing agave, echoing the historical prominence of the agave textile industry flourishing in Israel from the 1940s to the 1960s. Crafting an Israeli Agave Spirit emerges as the logical progression of Israel’s growing renown as a global leader in fine cuisine, beverages, viticulture, and agtech innovation.
A distinguished cast of advisors and consultants, including the revered Maestra Tequilera Ana Maria Romero Mena, renowned for her craft in shaping tequila legends such as Corrido, Volcan de mi Tierra, and Mijenta, contribute their unparalleled expertise to Negave Estates. The guidance of esteemed agave horticulturist and author Dr. Ana Valenzuela, and the involvement of Mexico-based Agave 100’s founder, Roberto Sánchez, in collaboration with Yitzhak Carmy, further amplify the project’s authenticity.

Augmenting this formidable group is Michael Ward, former Global Head of Innovation for esteemed distiller Diageo, contributing to Negave Estates’ advisory board This council, spanning agricultural technology, sales, marketing, and business acumen, fortifies the venture’s readiness for success.

David Niewood said, ”Guided by the support and enthusiasm of our fellow founders, we’ve procured the necessary resources, cultivated the quintessential Mexican Agave plant, and we’re poised to transform this dream into reality. Our inaugural bottles are set to grace the market in 2024.”

About Negave Estates:

Envisioned as a sustainable group within Israel’s Negev Desert, Negave Estates is a distinctive project encompassing organic agave farms, cooperage, and a dedicated distillery. Its primary goal is the crafting of Negave—an exceptional, organic, and kosher agave-based spirit to compete with the finest tequilas and other agave-derived spirits in the world.

Negave Estates will embody a harmonious fusion of components that set it apart from other premium agave-based spirits. It remains unwaveringly authentic, upholding traditional tequila production methods at its core. Sustainability is integral, with a commitment to harnessing renewable energy sources for all operations. The essence of the Negev is encapsulated within every aspect, seamlessly tracing the journey from earth to glass. Moreover, its identity is deeply rooted in its Israeli origins, contributing significantly to job creation and economic growth in the southern region of Israel.
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